Google Analytics Implementation

Install and set-up Google Analytics on your website

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What's the action plan?

Step 1. Add Google Analytics tracking code to your website.

Google Analytics is working with a tracking code. You will need to have this code implemented on all the pages of your website. If the tracking code is missing on a page, this page won't be tracked. Blueprint Analytics will work with your developers to make sure that the tracking code is well installed.

Step 2. Set-up your Google Analytics account.

Once Google Analytics tracking code has been installed on your website data should start flowing to your Google Analytics account. From there we will need to configure your Google Analytics account to make sure that data are collected according to your needs.

Step 3. Verification and Validation

You will always want to take some time to make sure that everything is running smoothly. You also want to collect enough data before starting any verification process.

Step 4. Enhancement and advanced tracking

Once data start flowing and you've validated your installation you'll quickly see that your Google Analytics account will need more attention to answer some of your questions. It is time to create goals, add custom dimensions, deploy a tracking plan, etc.

Working With Us

Remote working

Blueprint Analytics is a remote-based company. Most of our clients are in United-States and Europe, but we've worked with clients all over the world. We know how to work with distributed teams and handle communication across multiple timezones.

Project base pricing

We like to take the time to discuss scope and project requirements before starting anything. It allows us to set your expectations clearly and agree on cost upfront. No surprise, no hidden fees.

Available as needed

Blueprint Analytics is a small company. Keeping our customers happy is our only way to thrive. We want to make sure that we are available as needed to close our project as quickly as possible.

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