4 reasons why you want to use Supermetrics for Google Sheets in 2019

I’ve been using Supermetrics regularly for over four years. I installed it for the first time in July 2015, when I started my first job as a data analyst. My first task was to create a report with Google Analytics and Facebook data. I had the template to fill manually, but I didn’t see myself spending days copying and pasting data from various interfaces. I was lucky enough to have some previous experiences working with twitter API, so I look for a way to automate all this, and then I find Supermetrics. I was quickly able to reduce what was an almost full-time job to a one-day job. After four years in a rapidly evolving landscape, I’m still using Supermetrics heavily. Here is why:

It is super easy to use

Supermetrics is super easy to use. It has always been. You can build and run a query in a few clicks without any specific technical knowledge. The only thing you need is a Gmail account and the right access. It makes it interactive. Even if you don’t know precisely how an API works, you can always export data randomly and reiterate until you find what you are looking for. It is perfect for beginners or exploring phase.

You don’t want to be a Reporting Squirrel

This is probably the number one selling point of Supermetrics. Nobody wants to spend days collecting data. Supermetrics allows you to easily schedule your queries, which means automating your entire data collection. And if you can connect your spreadsheet to a reporting tool like Google Data Studio, it means that you can entirely automate your reporting task.

Flexible and powerful environment

With Supermetrics for Google Sheets, you can collect your data in a flexible and powerful environment. Spreadsheet formulas allow you to manipulate data the way you want. If you need something a bit more advanced, you can use Google App Script. You can quickly build a dashboard using Google Data Studio. If your dashboard is getting slow, you can move to BigQuery.

Collaborative and easy to share environment

I’ve been working with many clients that are more comfortable having their data in google spreadsheets even though I’m offering them to move to a SQL database for the same price. They want to be able to access their data at any time and they don’t have the technical resources to handle SQL. A spreadsheet is easy to share and everyone is able to access the data.

Final thought

There are now many tools that are offering direct connections between data sources and data warehouses. There are very powerful and a must when managing a lot of data. However, they are also much more complicated to use and work a bit like BlackBox sometimes. Even though you are using these tools, Supermetrics is worth investing as it will allow people with less technical competences to plays with data and better understand how to take advantage of it.