Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation

I team up with Christina Wall and Marcus Tewksbury at OCM to rebuild their Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation for one website and work on the new implementation on another website. I worked with their developers on the implementation of the data layer and configured entirely Google Tag Manager.

Key elements of the project:

  • Auditing and creating a migration plan
  • Ensuring the continuity between the old and new tracking
  • Working on a single page app application
  • Google Tag Manager set-up with Custom Javascript
  • Product List Performance and Impression promotion tracking

Google Analytics Audit and Fix

I've worked with Guild Media Group to audit & fix issues on one of their Google Analytics client's accounts. Many errors were found. Here is the list of some of the issues I've identified and corrected :

  • Paypal referral
  • Page path consolidation
  • Source / Medium consolidation
  • Bounce rate flaws
  • Event "undefined" Cleaned

Facebook Pixel Implementation

Coming soon

Combining Google Analytics data with Amazon RDS data

I team up with John Galanis and Alies van Rhijn at Academic Media to build a Google Data Studio dashboard filled with data from two different sources: Google Analytics and Amazon RDS. The goal of the project was to join data from these two sources. We join the data in a BigQuery Table. Data were exported from Google Analytics to BigQuey using StitchData. Once in BigQuery data were joined with a series of SQL queries.

Key elements of the project:

  • Exporting Google Analytics data with Stitch
  • Automating data collecting and join in BigQuery
  • Building historical data set using Supermetrics and Google Sheets.

What My Clients Say About Me

Simon is a very professional individual, and a pleasure to work with. Highy recommended.

Aksel G. Gresvig, Co-founder and COO at Plyo

Simon is a joy to work with. Professionalism, expertise and great customer service.

Harry Greiner, Director of Marketing at AUR

Simon is a true professional, both in analytic expertise and communication. 

Alex Welcing, Consultant at Manatt Health